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National Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme

We all know recycling and reducing waste is more important than ever to our society – but how do businesses manage this effectively? Every UK Company with a turnover above £2 million who supply or import 50 tonnes or more of packaging each year has a legal requirement to comply with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations – and Complypak runs a national packaging compliance scheme to keep those Companies on the right side of the law.

As you can imagine, managing that volume of intricate and detailed data for the Government-set regulations was no small feat and one which was becoming increasingly time-consuming as Complypak grew their market share and expanded their customer base. A nice problem to have! When they approached us, they were managing on excel spreadsheets and email attachments – a slow, laborious and pretty thankless task which was itself consuming a massive number of manual hours every month.

Complypak Old Site Complypak New Site

Click on the centre of the image above and drag left and right to see the live website before and after the redesign.

Applying our Strategy-first methodology, we sat down and went through every single spreadsheet, email template and regulation explanation in painful detail (!), before carefully crafting the perfect online solution to encompass all of the data required and how to digitise the current collection method of spreadsheets and email attachments, into a single, online, secure and automated delivery and collection system.

This not only removed the need for human copy-and-paste / import-export intervention, but included intelligent data checking to instantly flag any entries which didn’t fit the pattern – enabling the system operators to quickly and easily identify any potential areas where compliance would not be met before the data was officially recorded. As well as saving untold hours previously applied to these tasks, the system in effect protects the customers using it from any potential fines for submission errors.

The fact that we then positioned this entire operations system online behind a great-looking website which appealed to their target customer base was just a bonus!

“Chasing, checking and collating quarterly returns (using spreadsheets) used to take me DAYS every time. I could never go back to how we used to do things.”

Andrew Francis, Managing Director

Smart websites can do so much more to grow your business than just looking good – they should take work off your desk and actively play a part in your Company expansion. If you’re still doing ANYTHING in your business using spreadsheets or email attachments, contact us today and enjoy a free one hour strategy session to learn how we could give you back your time AND fuel your growth:

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