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You work for (or with) a local authority, council, or government funded organisation and are tasked with delivering a specific message, solution or learning to a massive audience across a wide range of locations – and need a trusted supplier to partner with to deliver this within a set timeframe and budget.

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With your experience delivering projects for public sector initiatives, you know exactly the pitfalls to avoid, so you need an established Company to partner with who have a proven track record of delivering exactly what’s required, while accommodating those little shifts in project scope as it evolves, without breaking your set budget. Your project will be a highly visible reflection of you so you need 100% confidence in your chosen provider before you place any contract with them.

You have very clear directives as to what must be delivered and when, but little in the way of how this should look and how to ensure it engages with (and appeals to) your target audience when they find it. You’d like some ideas and solutions presented for you to consider and discuss with your team before anything is set in stone and actively implemented, as you don’t have time in your day for projects which run off at a tangent!

The Company you appoint will be scrutinised by your Finance and IT departments too, so you want someone accustomed to dealing with that in a professional and responsive manner – it all seems like a lot of work to find a Company who can tick every one of those boxes.

That’s right up our street!

This will be very much a team effort, so the provider you choose must be familiar with public sector projects and restrictions, with experience delivering similar contracts and can demonstrate real results previously achieved. Your primary focus right now is finding the right partner who adds value to the project, comes up with ways to deliver it in an accessible and engaging way, is happy to answer detailed questions from your technical team, can stick to a realistic budget and timeframe, and who really understand the project brief – adding creative touches you haven’t yet thought of as the project evolves. This is all about meeting deadlines and budgets, while exceeding expectations so everyone is happy!

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