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Your business has been running a few years, has a few loyal supporters and a website which is looking dated and not generating the levels of enquiries you need to fuel the growth you want. Or perhaps you’re starting a new venture with some funding to get you launched quickly and need an online presence to get your message out fast and can cope with rapid growth.

Sounds familiar to you?

You’re the owner or manager of an established private company which is ready to step up to the next level and needs a website which can actively generate a steady stream of new customers and income without making more demands on your time or your team. Business is good and you may not have had to try too hard so far, but things have plateaued or you just can’t seem to make it over the tipping point to the next big stage – you need a steady stream of high quality enquiries and to easily convert these to paying customers. Now is the time you’re ready to ramp up this business and really have an impact, that means a strong, prominent online presence.

You may not mind your current site, in fact, when it was built you loved it! But that was a few years back and lately you’ve realised its just not drawing them in like it used to, it’s not modern (or perhaps compatible with the modern devices your dream customers are using these days), and your competitors seem to be moving ahead of you, which is causing some stress in your life, for your team or your Directors, but nobody seems to know what to do to get out of this slump.

You know what you want your website to achieve ideally but you’re not super technical and don’t feel confident explaining what this it to a programmer or designer – you’ll just know it’s right when you see it!

You’re in good hands

You really want to speak with a human being (no technical jargon) who understands what you’d like to achieve in your business, who deals with all the tech side of things and guides you through each stage to deliver a website which is looks great, is easily found online and really draws them in. It’s all about the strategy and translating your goals into an online solution which attracts more visitors quickly and converts them to the paying customers you really want – so you don’t need to work harder to achieve more sales.

At the same time, its important to look at those repetitive tasks you or your team are wasting time on and moving them online so this is all done without you lifting a finger – which gives you back your time. Then it’s all about knowing you have ongoing support and the site is regularly checked and monitored going forward, so you have a site which consistently delivers great results as your business continues to thrive.

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