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You may have started this charity yourself when you recognised those in need of your help and wanted to take action; or you may have been brought in to drive the organisation forward in a sustainable, scalable way without compromising on the current ethos and values

Either of these sound like you?

You’ve always been community-minded and really love the work you do and the lives you help to affect in a positive way every day – which is why you always want to help more of them! You’re proud of the charity you work for (or founded) and want to find a way to ensure that it continues from strength to strength without being too reliant on your personal input or a handful of funding sources. The dream is to see the charity serve more of those in need and become fully self-sustaining financially, with in-built scalability to cope with increasing demand for the great work your team already do.

You’re super passionate about the work you do, in fact, you believe it’s your calling. Demand is growing, with more in need of your services, and you badly need help managing your volunteers, perhaps various shift patterns and locations – while keeping Trustees informed and satisfied with your progress. It’s a real juggling act and the seams are starting to stretch, but nobody seems to understand how to effectively (and securely) deal with shifts, tasks and sensitive data AND deliver this to multiple stakeholders across multiple locations.

There’s a lot of energy going out but the results aren’t improving in line with this and you know that it’s all resting a little too heavily on your shoulders, which scares you for the future of the organisation.

Let us help you deliver a real legacy

Your primary focus needs to be on how to make the organisation scalable and sustainable so you know it can continue to thrive in the long term. It’s all about developing online systems to securely store and distribute data without need for additional Admin staff, and documenting how these form part of your future plans, to form an Operations Manual of sorts – freeing up your time to focus on strategy and implementation. At the same time, it’s important to open up channels for potential additional income streams such as grants and funding, online donations and attracting quality volunteers and trustees to keep your paid staff costs to a minimum to support future growth. Then it’s all about knowing your systems and online presence continue to represent you well and are continuously monitored and updated to showcase all you have achieved.

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You’re working too hard doing a good job. Let us ease the pressure and help you do all your tasks in half the time, giving you the room to focus on the bigger picture. We can walk you through our Website Mastery System – our tried and tested five step process to support you all the way. Book your free Discovery Call today and let’s do more good with less work:

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