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National Trading Standards Scams Team

Online database and elearning system

Scams are a major concern in today’s society – for both private individuals and companies alike.

The National Trading Standards Office Scams Team was put together with the sole purpose of protecting people from being defrauded of their hard-earned money. ecognising the need to not only educate those at risk of exploitation but also those around them, the team set out to recruit volunteers to spot the signs of potential scams and stop them before they spread.

With a government-set directive to sign up one million such volunteers by 2023 , the team needed an affordable, scalable and sustainable way to reach huge numbers of people across the UK to achieve this goal. It was initially thought that a website to advertise public meetings was required to support this directive.

Old Site New Site

Click on the centre of the image above and drag left and right to see the live website before and after the redesign.

However, by working closely with the client’s in-house team to identify who exactly they needed to reach, we quickly realised the massive cost implications of training the volunteers face-to-face – the logistics alone were a nightmare! Instead, we created a proposal which blended a website with easy-to-use online training modules, enabling thousands more people to be easily reached, engaged and trained before signing up to this great cause.

Our dedicated team are extremely experienced in developing online training, learning and coaching systems. We applied this experience and expertise to create a system which could be delivered to individuals in the comfort of their own home, and could also be used by community groups and those working in social care with small groups.

The online training option to support the face-to-face community based training sessions made significant savings by having to find fewer physical venues, less hire costs, lower insurance, and reduced staffing, more than covered the investment involved. This effectively made the initiative a longer term scalable and sustainable offering which could evolve over time.

The website has already expanded to incorporate business support and sponsorship. Further training modules have been added for those volunteers willing to extend their impact by becoming a Scam Marshal and reporting occurrences of scam directly to the Scams Team. The team are well on their way to their goal, having already trained and registered over a quarter of a million volunteers through the site.

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