Case study:

His Place Church

Bringing community together online

His Place Church is a cherished non-profit organisation, serving as a church, community hub, and café welcoming everyone in the heart of the Town Centre of Hastings, East Sussex. Facing the challenge of establishing a distinct brand identity and reaching out to their local community, they were in need of a new website that could attract local support and engage visitors with modern design
– so they came to us!

Click on the centre of the image above and drag left and right to see the live website before and after the redesign.

Our approach to the project was rooted in our strategic expertise and in-depth industry research. We understood that a successful website required not only an eye-catching design but also effective search engine optimisation (SEO) tailored to key geographic phrases and location tagging. Our strategy encompassed optimising keywords related to “Venue Hire,” “Community Space,” and “Community Venue” to ensure His Place Church would be easily discoverable online.

High-level aims included enhancing their online visibility, showcasing their community space, and driving local engagement. Key features of the website incorporated user-friendly navigation, visually appealing design, and seamless integration with social media platforms.

Our goal was to not just create a website but a powerful online tool that would serve their mission and their strong community following.

The transformation of their online presence has been astounding. The website now truly reflects their identity and mission, and has been carried forward by the organisation across their physical location signage and branding for a consistent, calming effect.

Our Website Mastery process, honed through years of experience, ensured a tailored solution for His Place Church. We’re passionate about creating websites that resonate with the local audience, and this project was no exception.

Whether creating a modern marvel or transforming an historic building – if you’re seeking to transform your online presence, attract local support, and make a lasting impact, reach out to us today. Our team is ready to work closely with you to achieve those ambitious aims for your business, charity or just the people you want to establish human connection with.

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