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Webbes Restaurants

Fine dining with online sales and booking

Fine dining in a stunning Sussex setting has to be a winning combination in anyone’s book and, with three beautiful contemporary restaurants to choose from PLUS an esteemed Cookery School, Webbes is a family business riding high on success.

Their ethos is all about quality; quality ingredients, quality service, seasonal selection of quality dishes for each menu – all tailor-made to deliver a top-quality customer experience every time. Ensuring their online presence reflected these standards was paramount, but so was ensuring their business was scalable and sustainable. This meant managing multiple websites for all of their venues was time-consuming and costly. Then came the issue of lost income and wasted food due to telephone bookings or reserved places on their renowned Cookery School courses – who then didn’t turn up.

Old Site New Site

Click on the centre of the image above and drag left and right to see the live website before and after the redesign.

Having brainstormed with the client to identify the key aims of increased visibility for individual venues without creating a separate site for each, plus the importance of accepting online bookings with payment up front to secure tables and Classes, we set to work!

To meet client requirements, instead of programming a custom-made table booking system, we instead sourced an off-the-shelf solution which was within their budget and could easily be bolted on to their new website. We then applied our own online booking module to offer limited places at classes for the Cookery School as well as select in-person events at the key venues – all booked and paid for in advance.

The addition of Gift Vouchers for online purchase has given the client an additional income stream – with Christmas Day being a most popular time to buy these as the ultimate last-minute gift! All of which was wrapped up in a brand new tailor-made design which showcases the client’s stunning professional photography and exuding the high-end, exclusive and indulgent experience their customers have come to know and value.

“Thank you, we are delighted with our new website.
It is professional and sleek and really replicates the services offered by our company.”

Rebecca Webbe – Webbes Restaurants

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