Case study:

Newton Crum

Marine Insurance Specialists

In the fast-moving world of insurance, speed and efficiency are everything – so when Newton Crum Insurance came to us to redesign and restructure their website, we knew that user experience was key to generating more business online.

As specialists in their field of marine insurance for over 64 years, there’s nothing this client doesn’t know about their industry. How to demonstrate that clearly and quickly to their online audience AND get those repetitive administrative tasks off their desks and onto their website was where we came in!

Before After

Click on the centre of the image above and drag left and right to see the live website before and after the redesign.

They wanted their site to appear more modern – to engage with a younger audience, and to automate many of the manual tasks required in processing the lengthy application forms, given that their customers are short of time and need a quick online quote to work from.

The FAT Promotions team leapt into action, starting with a clear strategy to target their specific audience in a way that appealed to them visually and engaged with them on their preferred platforms and devices. Plus, of course, being mobile-first designed, the site also ticked those all-important boxes for great Google rankings!

The new site combines our expertise in putting customers at the heart of your website and deliver this in a practical, high-tech solution to move all those nasty paper-based forms into slick, online versions which slot straight into the client’s in-house software at the click of a button – saving their team effort and valuable time.

“The new website looks good and everyone is pleased with it here so thank you all 😊”

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