Case study:

CILIP – professional membership body

CPD online learning solution

CILIP is the UK’s library and information association, working to improve services, develop their members offering and champion the sector whose current system for their professional knowledge and skills base acts as a central CPD (Continuous Professional Development) platform for members.


Originally developed by a third party as a custom-built solution, the system was struggling with issues stemming from being non-cloud based (and therefore not supportive of fully agile working for members and staff team); was failing to harness and leverage data capture to provide usable reports for growth planning; and was expensive and time consuming to update or expand upon as the organisation evolves.

We first carried out an audit of the current system to identify core areas for improvement to address immediate concerns, highlight the natural focus for the next stage of development and pinpoint areas where additional functionality can have most impact. This list was then sectioned in to Technical issues with their system, Security concerns, and (perhaps most importantly) Usability issues – as we know that without a great user experience, no form of online learning can deliver great results.

Taking the client’s own team and their priorities into consideration, we then divided all tasks into a simple to follow traffic light system, ensuring essentials such as security concerns were addressed before added value items and suggestions were implemented. We walked the client through each step of the process of how we’d work together and agreed in advance a schedule which included their members and staff team at key stages, with plenty of time for them to try out the new system and give their feedback before we moved to the next stage – resulting in real buy-in from all involved as everyone’s voice was heard.

“The new site is a significant improvement on the old version, with much more functionality. It comes across as a really sophisticated tool which I think will be much welcomed by registration candidates. We’ve had so few queries and those we have had are people wanting access to the tool which is great. It’s a testament to a great build! A massive thank you to the team for all of the hard work to get us to this point and live.
Very happy!”

Lisa Goldsmith – Head of Digital and IT at CILIP

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