No need to SHOUT!

When it comes to posting online to promote your website and raise your Company visibility, consistency is more effective than volume.

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, the age-old debate persists: Is it really better to flood your social media feeds with a barrage of content, or does the real power lie in maintaining a consistent presence? Today, let’s explore why consistency takes the cake when it comes to promoting your website on social media.

Social media has become a linchpin in website promotion, with many advocating for the saturation of feeds with a high volume of posts – I’ve lost track of how many “experts” I’ve heard telling people to post multiple times a day. However, in my experience, the true magic lies in the steadiness of consistent posting.

To put it technically, navigating the intricate landscape of social media algorithms reveals a simple truth: they favour consistency. Platforms like Google and Facebook reward regular and reliable content delivery, deeming it a signal of credibility as a consistent posting schedule signals to these algorithms that your content is reliable, increasing the chances of reaching a wider audience.

Now remember WHO you want to reach, not just HOW you plan to reach them…

Those human beings who’ll actually read your content value the consistency of your message as well as how frequently you pop up in their feed.

Consistency goes beyond posting frequency; it involves active engagement with the audience. Responding to comments and initiating conversations fosters a deeper connection with your potential future customers and builds trust.

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Crafting and maintaining a brand image is another benefit of consistent posting. It weaves a recognisable and trustworthy narrative, while sporadic bursts can leave your audience puzzled and disconnected. It’s not just Google who like it, Instagram actively rewards those who play the long game, consistently delivering content that resonates, by pushing your content out for you to those it believes will like it!

Striking a balance between posting frequency and the quality of content is crucial. This ensures that your brand is not just adding to the social media noise but delivering meaningful content.

Consistency, in this context, doesn’t mean bombarding your followers with a flurry of posts in a short period. It’s about maintaining a steady and reliable presence, adopting a marathon-like approach rather than a sprint.

Consistent posting – and the marketing message of your posts – will meet audience expectations, building anticipation and reliability. It provides your audience with a familiar and dependable presence in their daily online experiences. Successful brands like Nike and Starbucks showcase the power of consistency – that’s why we all know their names! Their success is not just about flashy campaigns but a consistent and cohesive narrative delivered steadily over time.

So how to know if your efforts are paying off?

Each platform has its own rhythm. Pay attention to platform-specific guidelines (easily found online) regarding posting frequency, optimum days of the week and times to post for your target audience. It’s no good posting at 8.30am if you’re trying to reach working parents on the school run! Remember to always align your strategy not only with each platform’s recommendations for optimal results, but with the needs of your dream clients.

Don’t overdo it though! Consistency should not lead to burnout if you use the right tools to manage your posting, or you have a “bank” of content ideas and materials that you can easily dip into without over stretching yourself – such as a best-selling business book of your own for example…

Sidebar: If this is on your list of Resolutions for this year, take a quick look at next 😉

Pace yourself, plan ahead, and maintain a reservoir of creativity. Your audience will appreciate quality over quantity in the long run AND they’ll come to recognise and appreciate your style = building trust.

Posts, blogs and articles – all great ways to promote your website and grow your business visibility. In the social media game, consistency emerges as the unsung hero every time. It’s the quiet force that builds bridges, fosters relationships, and ensures your brand isn’t just a passing trend. So, while volume may grab attention momentarily, it’s consistency that creates a lasting impact.

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