Time is money!

The game-changing strategy for website calls to action.

You may know that there is great content on your website – really good insights, ideas and information that truly serves your target audience – but if you focus only on the content and not the next step, your website visitors are going to bounce right back out of your life.

We’re talking about Engagement

For a while now I’ve been explaining to clients of ours that the 3 key factors of a successful business website are:

  • Attraction
  • Connection
  • Engagement

They each have their virtues and benefits for your website. Attraction brings the right people to your site in the first place (more on that next month), Connection keeps them there (also important, stay tuned for more on that in the new year), so by the time they reach the third stage of Engagement, they’re already sold on you and super keen to work with / buy from you – just show me where to sign!

Getting this right, however, is not just about what you do next – but WHEN. We’re talking about timing – and that means knowing your customer really, really well.

If you mess up that final, vital step of presenting your visitors with the most obvious next move or action to take (known as your Call To Action), AT THE RIGHT MOMENT, they’re gone. And statistically speaking, they may not return and you lost a sale.

So how do we fix this?

As with everything we do here at FAT, it all begins with the client profile. Having a crystal clear vision of who your target audience is goes way beyond helping you choose the optimal layouts and colour scheme to appeal to them, it also tells you HOW they want to engage with you and – critically – WHEN.

Picture this, your dream client is a working parent with a young family, looking to book a staycation for next Easter. Your service offering is exactly what they’re looking for – right price, right facilities – you’re ticking all of their boxes.

So they reach for your Call To Action… and you lost them.

What happened?

Was your CTA the trusty old “Call us now” button? That’s fine during office hours, but these are working parents, probably on their laptop after the kids are in bed and dinner is over – they can’t call you now even if they wanted to – your office is closed!

The solution is to meet them where they are now, and that means being aware of WHEN they’re looking for exactly the product or service you offer.

Get into their mindset, their personal situation, and think; in that position, what would I like to be able to do? Maybe the answer is an enquiry form – bit dull but okay I guess. What about booking a call back for tomorrow? Or send a WhatsApp, so you can answer by convenient text-based message? Or fill out a detailed (but simple to use) form giving more information about their needs and the best time and way to reach them to discuss it? Any of these actively demonstrates you know them and understand their situation – plus you’re putting their needs first – and they’ll love you for it.

It’s long been known in the web industry that the longer a visitor stays on your site, the more likely they are to form a connection with you / your company – and hopefully that leads to becoming a paying client and raving fan. Focus on their needs, plus where (and when) they are visiting your website and you’ll show them that you are always open for business.

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