Are You Ready for the Robots?

How AI Can Revolutionise Your Website Content – and Results!

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the phrase “Are you ready for the robots?” might sound like the tagline of a science fiction blockbuster. But here’s a shocking truth: the robots are already here, and AI can be your secret weapon in creating exceptional website content that resonates with your audience. 

But what difference does it really make? 

Well, let’s look at some compelling data. According to recent research by the International Conference on Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), Companies that deliver a positive customer experience are more likely to retain and attract new customers, leading to increased revenue, recurring revenue and business growth. We’ve been banging on about this for years of course – customer experience is everything in our opinion – but now AI power is once again levelling the playing field for smaller business online, by helping you to craft content that connects with your potential customers. 

How does this affect your business?

Imagine a scenario where your website is consistently filled with content that captivates your visitors. Your brand becomes a magnet for potential customers, your online presence skyrockets, and your revenue climbs to new heights. This is the future that awaits those who embrace AI-powered content creation. 

Conversely, failing to harness the power of AI in your content strategy can lead to stagnation. Your competitors, who have already embraced this technology, will surpass you. Your website might become static, offering nothing new or exciting to your audience, ultimately resulting in missed opportunities and dwindling growth. Plus the fact that Google doesn’t like sites that never change…

So where do you start? 

Let’s delve into the big picture of AI-driven content creation. When we talk about AI, we’re not just referring to chatbots or automated customer service – nor should you be using AI as a place to find answers you’d normally search for online. AI can take your content game to the next level by helping you: 

  • Generate Ideas: Ask AI to suggest topics or brainstorm fresh content ideas and identify trending topics in your niche or industry. Never again struggle to answer “What shall I blog about?”
  • Improve Writing: Not a natural wordsmith? Beyond the spellcheck, AI can assist in grammar and style checks, ensuring your content is polished, professional and engaging with your target audience
  • Image Creation: Step away from using the same stock photos as everyone else, with AI-generated original illustrations or photo-realistic images – no photoshoot required! (Note: we do still advocate the use of real people on your website as well, no swapping Team photos for idealistic Avatars.) 
  • (my favourite) SAVING TIME: If there’s an aspect of your website that’s somehow never made it to the top of that To-Do list (such as a real-life Case Study), use AI to create an outline or framework for you to complete – taking 80% of that task off your desk! 

These are just a few of the ways we’re using AI here at FAT Promotions, as we’ve recognised this new era is not “the rise of the robots” but an opportunity to embrace the next evolution in technology as a force for good

As an example; if there’s one element of every website build that trips up the business owner, it’s writing about themselves. Perhaps it’s our stereotypical British modesty, but somehow the wording for that About Us page is always the last to arrive – and usually the shortest.  

This was definitely the case with a client of ours recently who was undergoing a redesign to modernise their site and better reflect the advances in the business over the years since their previous site was created. Talking about their products and services? No problem. Writing how great they and their team are and the awards and accreditations they’ve won? …erm… No, thank you. We utilised AI to generate the wording for the page – including the charming origin story, accreditations and nationwide industry recognition – and Presto: one original and engaging About Us page, which the client could then tweak as required. 

Sidebar: for more ideas on what to include on your site about your Company, check out Chapter 8 about your Brand Values in my best-selling book Website Mastery for Business Owners who Don’t Speak Tech

The era of AI-powered content creation is upon us, and it’s time for UK-based business owners to take advantage of this ground-breaking technology. By embracing AI, you can unlock the potential for remarkable growth and engagement on your website.  

With the right AI tools and strategies, you can not only keep up with the digital revolution but stay ahead of the curve. We know only too well that the world of business is highly competitive, and the stakes are higher than ever, so don’t let your website fall behind – reach out to us for tailored guidance on how AI can transform your content and drive your business toward exponential growth.

The robots are ready; are you?

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