How To Get Your Message Across

When times have moved on from “They who shout loudest are heard” – how do you make sure your message is getting across online?

It may surprise you to hear me say this, but being online is not enough to make your business grow.

Of course, I do believe that having a website is essential – in fact, according to a survey by DIY starter website Weebly, 56% of consumers asked said they don’t trust a business if it doesn’t have a website. What I’m talking about here is that any old website won’t do – you need a good one, preferably a great one, if your business is really going to take off.

You see, before making a purchase decision, most customers will first ask for recommendations from friends, family, Facebook, etc. By this point they typically already have a clear idea of what they need to solve their current challenge or deficit and they really want to get trusted opinions on which one to choose before handing over their money. 

However, in the preceding step – when they first decide that they really can’t continue with the status quo in their life, be that business or personal, THAT is when your company name popping up in front of them can have the most impact. 

If you can be the first name they see when they start investigating how to overcome their problem, you’re in a seriously strong position to establish yourself and your company service / product / knowledge as the go-to expert in your field – and who wouldn’t want to work with that person?

Now picture this ideal-fit client reaching out to find out more, arriving on your website and within minutes they’re confused as to whether you actually do solve their problem or not? Perhaps the navigation is confusing or the design is too bright for their tastes? Maybe your website is filled with jargon they can’t understand – or worse, is dumbed down to the level where they don’t instantly recognise their own industry-specific terminology and therefore decide you clearly mustn’t understand their industry.

Just like that, they click away

The good news is, it is relatively easy to clarify your message and present a clear pathway for potential clients to connect and engage with you as they travel through your website – it’s all about planning in advance, before you start choosing colours or fonts, get the strategy first and the rest will follow. 

Over decades spent creating award-winning websites for companies selling everything from pants to painting classes, eggs to expertise, I can tell you the secret to the most successful sites are always those who are clear about who they’re talking to – and they never forget it!

Take time at the outset to really think about who you want to attract to your site, what are their needs, not yours?

For example, we were approached by an international agency with a request to build their new website based around the sitemap and ideas they already had for engaging features. The organisation already had a strong brand and a reputation for being in touch with their customers’ likes and dislikes when it came to their ethos and values – so of course they wanted these reflected in the new site. 

Drawing their in-house team back a step to explore what those customers really wanted in their life, not just on a website, highlighted these were a group of people with a passion for a cause. They wanted to be part of a mission, a tribe of like-minded individuals moving collectively towards a goal. In the world of websites, this means membership. Three years later on and the organisation has swelled to record numbers, with membership increased 100 fold – with the bonus benefit that the additional online income generated has more than paid for the original system investment AND continues to support the ongoing running and upgrading of the site, making it fully self-funding.

It can be challenging to put yourself in the mindset of your potential customer or client, trying to work out what it is they are really looking for – but I promise you this, with great conviction…

It is ALWAYS worth it.

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