Where to next for your website?

Never mind where you are now, where you going?

In an ever-changing world, no industry stands still – and nor does the technology they use. How can you harness this potential when you don’t know how it applies to you?

Do an internet search for how often companies update their website and you’ll see every answer from “monthly” to “several times a day” – but we’re not talking about changing the text or images on your newly-completed site. We’re talking about a website that takes work off your desk.

We’ve all heard about automation and how it is the most effective way to reduce production times and manual input – but you’re running a service-based business, not a factory full of robots – where do you even begin?

You may hear tales of other businesses and how they’ve “digitised” their offering, leading to claims of shorter turnaround times and higher profit margins. Yet, looking at your organisation, you may see people doing those repetitive tasks day after day and you can’t imagine how a computer is going to run that for you – and whether that means losing the human touch your Company really values. 

Here’s the key thing to remember: automation does NOT mean losing the human touch. Far from it in fact, automation done well can make your team’s life easier, as well as your own.

Truth is, none of us know what we don’t know. This is where you’re going to really benefit from some guidance, but you can still make a start on a list of those repetitive daily tasks which really need addressing:

  1. First step is to get your team on board. Ask them to list the top 3 things they are asked to do more than twice a week. Ask them not to filter this, but to give the 3 which spring immediately to mind. These are your key time eaters to be added to your list and typically these include items such as sending out brochures, sending email attachments, etc.
  2. Next, look at what you ask of your clients. Do they have to submit information to you / sign documents / send copies of paperwork? Moving these off their desk and online will save you both time AND showcase your Company as modern and innovative
  3. Finally, review the software you use on a daily basis – are you getting the full potential of this? You’d be amazed how many pieces of tech can talk to each directly without you having to manually upload / import / type-in the details from somewhere else and this can save you exponential amounts of time.

We carried out this exercise with a large client of ours who offer specialist, high-quality asset insurance. As well as wanting their site to appear more modern and engage with a younger audience, they needed to automate many of the manual tasks required in processing their lengthy application forms, especially given that their customers are short of time and need a quick online quote to work from. The new mobile-friendly website we created gave them the visual appeal they wanted along with a practical, high-tech solution to move all those nasty paper-based forms into slick, online versions which slot straight into the client’s in-house software at the click of a button – saving their team effort and valuable time every single day.

I often say to clients that although I want their website to look fabulous and represent them authentically online, if it’s not earning its place in your business by also taking work off your desk – it should be. Look at the list you’ve created using the steps above and head into research mode to find out just how many of these daily tasks you don’t need a human to do – freeing up your valuable team to do the work they love and never have to hit Copy and Paste again. That’s possibly the biggest positive impact your website can have.

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