Design your website for everyone and miss the one you want

You don’t need a website that appeals to thousands of people – it need only appeal to ONE person to be truly successful.

You just need to know who that person is.

Truth is, this applies to all forms of marketing your business (or raising awareness of your charity / cause / event) and without that clarity of who that is, you’re going to work ten times harder to see real results…

but on your website it’s the difference between a page view and a paying customer.

Many of us use networking as a method to tell the world about our products and services or the great work we do, right? In 2021 the business community saw exponential growth in online networking for obvious reasons, with all major players in the business community (such as FSB and BNI) maximising the exposure and knowledge-sharing this presented for their members.

Imagine attending a networking event (online or otherwise) and, instead of waiting your turn for 60 seconds or less to explain how great you are at what you do, you just started shouting it into the room? Randomly calling out about what you do to anyone who could hear, in the hope that they might want to know more later. I’m willing to bet your success rate would be painfully low.

Now instead, picture this; you’re sitting across the table from a single person who fits your ideal client profile perfectly and you’re having an engaging discussion one to one. How’s that success rate looking now?

Without a clear message aimed at the one person you really want to work with, that’s exactly what your website is missing – and it’s blocking your success. Massively.

We all know how vital a clear client profile (sometimes referred to as your client avatar) can be to every piece of marketing and awareness-raising you do, but in your website it is everything.

By understanding who they are, you can determine which devices they use, which browser they favour, which other sites they regularly visit – then apply this “inside knowledge” to your site to ensure it appeals to them on their level.

As an example, we recently created a website for a Gym in Bristol who offer online and in-person tailored personal training to a wide client base. Their old site had great photography and adequate traffic but online enquiries were not at the level to support the Company’s plans for growth. Getting to know the Company ethos and values, it became clear they had a specific target client-type, with a specific problem easily solved by the experienced and highly trained team.

The new website was then designed and constructed around this understanding, with images, colour scheme and even font styles carefully selected to appeal directly to that single client profile – without alienating anyone else – resulting in not only attracting higher visitor numbers than ever, but online enquiries have risen to the point where the Company is now extending their staff team to cope with additional demand.

Whatever your business or organisation does, there is someone out there just waiting to hear your message.

Your website design (not just the visual appeal but also the structure) should always have that individual at front of mind from Homepage to Contact and everywhere in between.

That one person could be the difference you’re looking for, and they’re waiting to hear from you.

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