Who is your website actually about? (CLUE: it’s not you!)

You see, how many years you’ve been in business, how many staff you have on your team, how many different products or services you offer: these may make you feel great, but do nothing to build that essential bridge between website visitor and website customer – relationship.

But wait! (I hear you cry) Surely telling them all of that shows that we are the best choice for them to buy from!

Sadly no; unless you spell it out for them.

One major trend we’ve seen in this year’s tumultuous economy is the customers’ hesitation to put their money into anything, unless they can see exactly what’s in it for them. Consumer trust is at an all time low, and presenting a potential client with yet another website that pushes facts and figures at them will fail to meet them where they are right now, so my question for you is this: does your website showcase how good you are, or how good you could be for them?

Both are valid as a “shop window”, but the latter will lead them inside to find out more and build trust. Without that, they’ll simply keep walking…

When I hold a strategy meeting with a potential new client, they often rush to tell me how great their company or service is, of their accolades and achievements, why everyone should buy from them and not from their competitors, etc, etc. I’m naturally a nosy person (!) so this level of details is both fascinating and useful in the plans we form together on how best to convey this online. However, once we have that part “out of the way”, the question I always ask is “and who is your dream customer or client?”

No longer being nosy, this is the most valuable part, where we learn about what they truly offer and how it changes the lives of the people who come to them, because THEY are who your website is actually for.

For example:

  • You say: we sell jewelled handbags
  • Your website says: we help women (manbags aside for a second) to look stylish for any occasion
  • You say: we offer financial advice
  • Your website says: we help you live the retirement you’ve dreamed of, starting now

Get the drift? We’re showing the outcome, the results, the benefit they find after choosing to work with / buy from you over someone else. And it’s not just words, the images you choose for you website can also reflect the positive impact choosing your company can have on their lives.

Like the Mortgage Broker Company we worked with, who specialise in finding solutions for homeowners at all stages of life. We identified that older couples looking for lifetime mortgages (to free up equity in their homes), were really looking for ways to enjoy life more – quite apart from where they chose to live. So, the words and images we chose reflected new found freedoms, travel, luxury purchases they’d not previously allowed themselves. As a result, this target group now forms the majority of enquiries to that website – target found!

If you’re struggling to find the words to take your website from good to great, remember it’s not about you. It’s all about who you want to work with and the results you can give them. That’s real service – and ALL customers love that!