Following the steps to website success

Introducing our unique Rapid Growth System for a truly successful website!

If you’ve read any of my articles before, you already know that I run FAT Promotions where we create websites and online software systems to take your business or organisation to the next level – but HOW do we do that exactly?

This is something I spend a lot of time going over with clients, so they can make a really informed choice when deciding to work with us, and we call it our Rapid Growth System – five steps to website success. This is a tried and tested, proven system which we’ve created and fine-tuned over almost two decades in business, and have seen it deliver fantastic results for companies of every size and industry, because it’s all about YOU.

For you to love your website, see real results from it and be proud to show it to the world, it is your input in five specific areas that matters more than anything, and our unique system is based on the five steps we walk you through to deliver just that. Let me tell you all about it…

Sidenote: Not a big reader? No problem, you can view a video version of this article here:

We start with stage one: Strategy, the most important stage. This is where we find out what you want to achieve in your business and with your website and we make sure that we understand all about your industry. We look at your competition, we look at who inspires you and who you don’t want to reflect in your website. We put all of that into our project compass, which creates a sitemap and schedule so you know exactly what to expect at each stage.

We then move onto stage two: Design. Here we create a range of different homepage designs just for you. Each one is specifically designed for your exact target audience, so we know it’ll appeal to them in the sort of colours and styles that they used to. Once we’ve got a homepage that you like, we fine tune that with you, before moving on to designing the inner pages to make sure all of the content and the style flows through the site so you don’t end up with something that looks disjointed and loses your customers halfway through.

When the design has been chosen, we move onto stage three: Creation. This is where you get your homework! At this point we’re going to ask you for your text and your images. We’ll find stock images for you if you don’t have them or we can recommend a range of trusted suppliers for copywriting, photography, even for the legal requirements such as privacy policies and data protection information. Adding this to your new website framework, we go through two rounds of corrections and fine tuning to exactly what you want it to be and that’s when we move on to…

Stage four: the Launch phase. Here we are into testing, testing, testing! We check your site on all devices, all orientations (landscape format, portrait format), Android, Apple, PC. We go through all possible connotations for modern browsers to make sure your users can see your site in exactly the way you want it to appear. We go through two further days of final quality assurance testing, set up all of your emails and then we launch it in our own dedicated server with Amazon hosting services.

BUT – you’re not rid of us yet! We move onto the Support stage. This is where we put you into our Customer Care programme and somebody checks your site for you every single month to make sure it’s working properly; your enquiries are getting through to you; we check your statistics to see that people are finding you – and of course we do that all-important submission to the search engines. We then contact you to prompt for anything you’d like updated on your site, so we know that it’s always kept fresh. Plus we meet up at least once a year to discuss your visitor traffic and make sure that your website’s really reflecting the differences in your business as it evolves.

So that’s our exclusive, proven five step process to deliver a successful website which helps you achieve the growth your business deserves. We call it our Rapid Growth System because that’s exactly what it has achieved for thousands of our clients and it is completely unique to our company, nobody else can walk you through this tried and tested system. If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, reach out to me – or book a free initial consultation to find out more.