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Some companies invest a lot of time in creating their own website, only to encounter problems getting the site live on the internet. Perhaps the free space that came with your internet access won't allow commercial websites, or potential customers go to visit your site only to find it is "temporarily unavailable". None of this is going to build your business, and that's where FAT promotions can help.

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We can offer rock steady service on our own UK based dedicated server, free detailed secure visitor statistics and free secure email access from anywhere in the world. Plus free incoming bandwidth means your site wont suffer or slow when accessed by large volumes of customers simultaneously.

We currently offer two options for hosting your website with us;

  • up to 100Mb of storage capacity - more than enough for starter sites, brochures sites and basic enquiry sites.
  • up to 500Mb of storage capacity - for ecommerce sites, online ordering or booking systems, database driven solutions and content management systems.

Each solution benefits from the rock solid stability and speed of delivery our sites are renowned for, plus we have unlimited access to our own dedicated support team of experts should you ever have a query we can't instantly answer in-house.

We can help with visitor statistics, feedback forms, technical support - whatever it takes to get your site looking good and working well. We also make sure your site is up and running properly every day, and all this costs a lot less than you may expect. Contact us today to find out how your site can benefit from our commercial hosting services, or read our Frequently Asked Questions below to find out more.

Client testimonial on Web Hosting for your website, Hastings Web Host, Secure dedicated server

"Thank you to your team and of course yourself for getting us live again! I know these things can just happen and I glad that the nightly backup has now been extended to protect us in the future"

Morag Turner
Active Aqua

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