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Based in Hastings on England's sunny South coast, FAT promotions began eighteen years ago (which is ages in internet terms you know, web years are like dog years) and we put every minute of that experience and expertise into your site. Our long standing success in developing effective websites and online solutions comes from our highly skilled in-house staff as well as our network of talented freelance designers and programmers which we bring in to work on specific projects. This means that you get the very best people for your particular project and we can keep our pricing competitive as we don't have large agency overheads - everyone's a winner!

Without further ado, meet the team:

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Fiona Allman-Treen
Big Bad Boss ("Managing Director" sounds so OLD)

When not marketing and promoting the wonderful FAT promotions services, Fiona is also a volunteer Business Mentor for Young Enterprise, as well as the Frederick's Foundation and Mentor Coordinator for the Conqueror Business Lunch Chapter. A keen VW Camper fanatic, biker chick and part time wineaholic, project management is a dream come true for this true-blue geek, accounting is her nightmare.

Owen Barritt
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Owen Barritt
PHP Web Developer

Heading up our Development team is Owen, quite literally the fastest Developer on two legs as nobody can keep up with him on his morning walk to the office - even if driving! His years of big city experience in PHP, C#, Perl and lots of other stuff we are impressed by were what first attracted us to him, the fact that he speaks human (instead of geek) and loves to be buried in code is all gravy as far as we're concerned - send in your challenge today!

Leo Mitchell
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Leo Mitchell
Web Developer

Leo has been with FAT promotions for many years now, having originally come to us for work experience back in his schooldays and somehow he never left! Now practically part of the furniture, he is fully qualified in design, a gifted illustrator and bursting with ideas. Leo is also a Dreamweaver demon and a Photoshop fiend who will have a hand in most projects as he's a great collaborator to boot!


Carolyn Cherry
Freelance Web Designer

After many years of dedicated loyal service we finally decided it was only right and fair to include Carolyn on our team page - are we hard to please or what? An extremely talented designer, Carolyn's your choice for ecommerce sites, elegant online brochure sites and the most intricate interactive experience you'll find online.


Tony Lindfield
Freelance Web & Logo Designer

Another long standing member of our regular freelance team, our Tony's your designer-du-jour for corporate sites, information portals and lovely blokey masculine design - that's you car dealers out there, you know who we're talking about. The undisputed king of logo design, our only challenge is choosing between the multitude of creations he comes up with for each project.

Milo and Wilbur

Milo & WIlbur
Office Pooches

The lovely Milo joined us from the loving arms of Battersea Dogs Home - and has slotted in perfectly as the "calm yet fragrant" member of the team. Now joined by Wilbur the Frenchie, Milo has shown an incredible tolerance for having his ears chewed! When you visit our office either of our furry welcoming committee will be happy to hand over a soggy teddy to welcome you - bless!

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