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Crafting a best-selling book for business success

How I unleashed the profit in my business by publishing a best-selling business book – and you can too! 

Every ambitious business owner should be open to new ways to raise their Company profile and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. When I published my first book; Website Mastery for Business Owners Who Don’t Speak Tech, I discovered the true power of becoming a recognised author and the massive positive impact for my business – and now I’m sharing that with you in this exclusive online course, so you can do the same for your own business!

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Whether you’ve already written your book and it’s sitting untouched on a hard drive somewhere – or perhaps it’s a project your business coach or mentor keeps telling you “would be great for you” (as was the case for me!) – I’m here to support you as you embark on a transformative journey, with my exclusive webinar series tailored for business owners and aspiring authors.

I’m Fiona, the driving force behind a premier web design and development agency in the UK, and I’m here to share my personal odyssey from business owner to best-selling published author. In this webinar series, I reveal the strategic steps I took to leverage self-publishing my first book with KDP (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing), catapulting not only my authorship but massively elevating my profile as a website specialist – and seeing my business grow as a result. 

Discover the power of turning your industry insights and experience into a marketing powerhouse that resonates with your potential clients. I don’t offer a one-size-fits-all guide but an authentic step-by-step account of my own experience – a roadmap from an individual who had never ventured into publishing before to creating the ultimate 230-page business card. In this webinar series I share practical advice on everything from the software that proved instrumental in my journey, to demystifying the process of transforming a manuscript into a best-selling book – including what did and didn’t work for me.

Following the video learning modules in five stages, you will discover: 

  1. Planning: Crafting Your Business Book Plan – getting crystal clear on the aim for your book, the steps you’ll need to take and setting out firm foundations to deliver a game-changing business publication
  2. Formatting: Unlock the Art of Print Readiness – from consistent layouts to cover designs, pagination to proofing – this is artwork made easy
  3. Uploading to KDP: Navigate the KDP Landscape with Finesse – from strategic category choices to securing that all-important Best Seller status
  4. Launching: Launch Like a Pro – proven steps to book launch success – from choosing the perfect launch day to creating a buzz beforehand
  5. Marketing: Beyond the Book – maximising impact post-launch and leveraging the printed word into an ongoing marketing strategy for your business.

The course is divided into five key stages, each breaking down their focus topic into multiple video lessons you can follow at your own pace and order preference, so you can choose the one best suited to where you are in your publishing journey right now. Already published but not getting results? Jump straight to Stages 4 and 5 to discover launch and marketing strategies to reboot your business book to a whole new audience!

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I wrote about what I already know and created the most powerful marketing tool I’ve used for my business in over 20 years – attracting ideal clients and growing my business – and you can too!

Want to know more about it and why it matters for your business? Watch this short video:

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Your Guide on This Journey:  

Fiona Allman-Treen is an expert in strategic website design and online software systems to enable scalable, sustainable growth for business owners and charities globally. An established presenter and devout believer in encouraging entrepreneurship in young people, Fiona founded Hastings-based web agency FAT Promotions Ltd in early 2001, creating effective websites and online solutions for a portfolio of international and blue chip clients.

Launching her first book in March 2023 – featuring a personal endorsement from Mike Michalowicz, New York Times Bestselling Author of Profit First – this received great reviews and achieved Best Seller status on Amazon in NINE different categories within FOUR HOURS of launch. 

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